Digital Signage System – scalable digital signage and video messaging using HD video

IMPRESS is a scalable digital signage and video messaging system for broadcast of HD video applications. Using your own Windows PC and the IMPRESS Composer software, you can create, schedule and manage dynamic digital messages through one or multiple IMPRESS Digital Signage engines from a single location. Easily create video messaging content on your own PC and publish it to one location or multiple locations using text, images, Adobe Flash and up to 4 regions of crawling text.


  • High-definition 1080p display support for widescreens in a small compact form factor

  • Easy-to-use, Windows-based Composer software

  • Support for multiple image formats

  • Video Files - DivX, (1080p max resolution), H.264 (mp4) (730p max resolution), Flash SWF, Flash FLV

  • Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, Intel GMA i945 Graphics Core

  • 160GB hard drive, 1GB memory

WARRANTY: 1 years, From date of purchase