Wired Mics

Match the requirements of any application with a variety of tabletop microphone options, providing the highest-quality conferencing audio.

ClearOne Delta Microphone - professional conferencign audio

Delta Microphone

The Delta Mic’s sleek design accentuates teleconferencing applications that demand high-performance audio quality. The compact form factor is ideal for conference tables requiring minimum visibility, while still housing three, unidirectional microphones for full, 360-degree pickup.

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ClearOne Tabletop Microphone - professional conferenceing audio


Tabletop Microphone

The Tabletop Mic is perfect for teleconferencing applications that demand high-performance audio quality with minimal microphone visibility. The small size of these unidirectional mics belies the powerful audio pickup.

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ClearOne Button Microphone - professional conferencing audio


Button Microphone

ClearOne’s button microphones are ideal as a discreet, professional conferencing audio option. Permanently built into the conference room table or panel, button mics provide an excellent unidirectional or omnidirectional pickup range.

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