The Musica audio system is a great way to enjoy music wherever and whenever you like.  Whether you’re entertaining guests, doing work around the house, or just relaxing, sit back and enjoy the benefits of home multi-room audio.  You can play the same music in every room, or select different sources for each room. You can even connect your XM, computer, games or MP3 player. Musica can be configured for one room, 18 rooms or anything in between!

Musica MU5066ADC

Musica MU5066 Multi-Room Audio System builds on the award winning Musica product line by introducing many new features for convenience and use, simpler install, with even better audio performance.

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Musica MU5066KP50

The 50 watts x 2 channel in-wall keypad features a wide-screen graphic LCD that aids in easy operation of the system with backlighting selection in blue and white, as well as an expansion slot for optional Digital FM Tuner Card for in-room FM Tuner listening. Up to 48 macros can be programmed on this keypad. Keypad trim plates are available in white, almond, ivory and black.

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This Digital FM Tuner Card can be inserted into any Musica MU5066 keypad to add in-zone FM Tuner listening as a fifth source to the system. Antenna Adapter for (3.5mm to RG6) included.

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NS-MNE Network Interface

The NS-MNE connects to the Musica™ MU5066ADC allowing control of the Musica system through an Adobe® Flash® - enabled browser on a PC, smartphone, or tablet, or using the iMusica application with an Apple® iPhone® or iPod Touch®.

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BluePort BP200

A simple to use Bluetooth based Digital Wireless Audio Gateway that enables you to transmit digital audio from a source with Bluetooth A2DP support up to 33 feet to your Musica™ multi-room system.

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