Cloud-Based, Digital Audio Server

ANTHOLOGY® is an IP-based network music player that discovers shared music on a PC, Network Attached Storage (NAS) device, or stored on a USB device. Whether for the office or home installations, Anthology supports four, simultaneous IP audio streams that can be targeted to any zones within the system.

Leverage existing office or home networks

ANTHOLOGY® allows up to 4 streams to be simultaneously played on the VIEW Network. This allows the music libraries that already exist on the home network to appear on the VIEW system as four different sources. The system pays for itself as a one-time purchase rather than recurring subscriptions.

StreamNet® Connected:

Patented  StreamNet Technology provides the backbone for VIEW, ensuring that audio between all zones is synchronized to within 500 microseconds. StreamNet-connected devices work together seamlessly and are future-proof with options to update as new features become available.

Automatic Discovery:

ANTHOLOGY automatically scans for music stored on network attached storage devices and on PC’s. In addition to monitoring shared folders on PC’s and networked storage devices, Anthology also monitors its USB ports for USB storage devices that contain audio files, including iPods.

Internet Radio:

Stream music to any room in your office, retail establishment or home. The ANTHOLOGY® can tune into thousands of stations of music, news, talk radio, sports. Streaming internet radio, your personal audio files or online services like Pandora, SIRIUS has never been this easy.

WARRANTY: 2 years, From date of purchase