Enterprise Streaming

By streaming multimedia over TCP/IP, drastic improvements in flexibility, scalability, and price/performance are achieved over traditional audio/video distribution methods.


ClearOne’s VIEW is truly differentiated in the market by providing a complete AV distribution solution that can scale to any project size - light commercial to stadium. Audio/Video encoders, decoders, amplifiers and ethernet switches provide complete flexibility and scalability of networked audio and video.

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Digital signage relays information to the right persons at the right time and in the most effective manner. ClearOne's complete digital signage solutions are scaled and optimized for corporate or light commercial environments.

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ANTHOLOGY simplifies access to audio sources located randomly across a network or anywhere online by automatically finding, indexing and playing Internet radio, online music services and network or local audio files.

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Control & Source Interfaces

Using an edge-based (decentralized) IP system, the HD quality of the signal is preserved and saves money by requiring only one CAT5/6 cable for audio, video and control of the display.

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Power Supplies & Accessories

ClearOne’s selection of Power Supplies are tightly regulated and are very efficient.  Additional power supplies may be required as the VIEW system is scaled in size.

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