The top Fortune 500 firms in all industries know that group communications that occur in a natural, effective audio environment can boost productivity and save time and money.


The industry’s first fully expandable SIP-based tabletop conference phone, MAX® IP delivers unrivaled audio clarity and room coverage for your VoIP phone system.

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The MAX® EX conference phone provides premium, full-duplex audio with unmatched expansion capabilities. Integrating ClearOne’s industry-leading professional audio technology and advanced processing, MAX® EX is the perfect solution for small conference rooms as a single unit, and also covers medium to large conference rooms as an expanded system.

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MAX® Wireless

The industry’s first wireless analog conferencing phone, MAX® Wireless offers the audio quality of MAX® EX without power or telephone cables, turning any room into a conference room.

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The industry’s only fully expandable analog conferencing phone system, MAXAttach® comes with two phones for greater coverage in larger conference rooms and can also be expanded up to four daisy-chained phones using MAX® EX Expansion Kit.

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MAXAttach® IP

The industry’s first fully expandable SIP-based VoIP tabletop conference phone system. MAXAttach® IP comes with two phones, for greater coverage in larger conference rooms.

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MAXAttach® Wireless

An industry first in conferencing technology, MAXAttach® Wireless comes with two analog phones that wirelessly connect to a single base unit, providing expanded coverage in medium-sized rooms.

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