DigilinX™, the ClearOne brand for residential products, delivers the ultimate IP A/V experience by streaming high definition audio and video and control over TCP/IP networks.

Multi-Room IP Audio Video and Control creates a seamless web where audio, video, gaming HVAC, security, and lighting all reside on one system, making for a truly interactive experience. While many talk about the vision of SEAMLESSLY INTEGRATING audio, video, control and computer technologies on the same IP-Based home network, only NetStreams delivers on that promise.

Musica™ home multi-room audio, allows you to play the same music in every room, or allows you to select different sources for each room.  

Imagine being able to listen to your favorite music in any room without the clutter of equipment and wires. Whether you’re entertaining guests, doing work around the house, or just relaxing, the Musica audio system is a great way to enjoy music wherever and whenever you like.

You can even connect your XM, computer, games or MP3 player. Musica can be configured for one room, 18 rooms or anything in between!